The unique properties possessed by Yumi™ can be used to make distinctive patterns and designs that you will want to use for every occasion whether it’s a meal at home, on a picnic, at a restaurant, grabbing a quick bite or cup of coffee when on the go.


You will love the benefits of switching to Yumi™; the unprecedented quality, the luxurious porcelain like feel of every piece, the attractive, distinctive patterns, the sturdiness, not having foods taste like cardboard or plastic, and the security of knowing that when you are through with it, it goes away in less than 6 months when composted.

Yumi™ the throwaway that goes away™ – a 21st century material for everyone.


Yumi EcoSolutions Plates

Ecosolutions at Family TableYumi makes several lines of products that you can buy where you normally  shop for groceries.  There are different designs and styles to choose  from depending on the occasion

Picnic with Yumi


Eating Out with Yumi

1cafeteriaLook for Yumi™ products when you eat at school, in your company cafeteria,  at a fast food place or takeout from your favorite restaurant.  Yumi™  makes a complete line of products to help food service operators contribute to a better world by not adding to the megatons of non-degradable waste.



Yumi for Fresh Foods


Packed MeatYumi™ offers a line of standard size trays that replace the non-degradable  ones for meat, fish and other fresh foods you buy; the ones you hate to  throw in the trash afterwards. Yumi™ also offers renewable  biodegradable cups and trays for sampling. Store operators, food  processors and packers that change to Yumi™ help make a better world by  letting you compost the trays.



Yumi can be used for NoodlesMore and more food companies are discovering the benefits of switching to  Yumi™. Whether its for chilled foods like yogurt, dips and spreads, dry  snack foods, soups that you add water to and microwave or frozen entrees to reheat, food processing companies choose Yumi™ to replace  non-renewable paper and non-degradable plastic and aluminum containers.

Yumi can be used for TV Dinner